With more than 61% of houses in our St. Louis neighborhood being built before 1939 and more than 24% of residents living below the poverty line, there is a substantial need for home repair and home maintenance. Doing home repairs also provides an avenue into people's lives, and we are able to build community by developing relationships with residents and connecting neighbors. We will take your group through all the steps of planning an AMPhomes work day with residents. Although the needs of your community are probably not exactly the same as the need in ours, you will be able to transfer the processes involved in your service trip to your local community. 


I feel like I connected and did more for the people by getting to see and know them. 


It has by far been the most moving and emotionally challenging [service trip] that I've ever been on.


By serving, we were able to create a new friend; we were able to touch a woman's heart and instill growth within. We became a great blessing just through the small things we did and she became a blessing to us.