Silver High Top Shoes: Sherry's Story

“I’ll never forget the boy with the silver high top shoes,”

says Sherry, a resident in Forest Park Southeast who has lived here for over 50 years. The boy with the silver high top shoes was a volunteer in the AMP group that served her home.

At 66 years old, Sherry is unable to maintain all of the repairs on her home. Volunteers painted all of the ceilings on the first floor of her home, as well as painting the chain link fence in her front yard and backyard. As the volunteers were painting the fence, one of the volunteers painted his high tops with the silver paint. The memory still makes Sherry laugh to this day.

The volunteer group and Sherry bonded during the four days they were in her home. Sherry would invite them inside for lunch and make sure they got enough water as they worked in the hot summer. When the volunteer group completed their project, they gave Sherry a handmade quilt.

Sherry is an active leader in her community. She knows all of her neighbors and is a member of Midtown Mamas, a Forest Park Southeast neighborhood group. “I love it here. It’s my home,” she says. By making home repairs accessible, she is able to remain as a positive influence in her neighborhood.