AMP Teachings

Here at Mission: St. Louis we believe that your time spent with AMP should challenge you, change you and connect you to new people and places.

When you are working on a home we want you to not only think about the immediate help you are providing, but also the many obstacles that the homeowner may be facing. You are making an impact every time you pick up a tool and agree to lend a hand, but that is one piece; we want you to walk away with a lasting understanding of the effects of poverty. 

So put your tools down and let's talk.

Members of our staff can walk you through five important conversations during your time here. 

Josh, our Executive Director, will take you through the ten year history of Mission: St. Louis. Over the last 10 years, we have realized the importance of listening over telling and have learned how to act with more than just good intentions. Our journey has been one of many steps forward, a couple steps back and lots of conversations. M:STL is always adapting, but we have always believed that people should live in neighborhoods filled with opportunity. 

Jason, our Director of Beyond Jobs, will talk about our Job & Leadership Training (JLT) program. JLT offers men ages 22-35 the chance to work on job development skills, procure internships and make connections with mentors, job coaches and volunteers. Jason will share his own personal story and explain why JLT is an important opportunity for someone who is looking for support and a chance to make themselves a better life and put them on the path for a career. 

Andy (pictured right), our Senior VP of Operations and Finance, will focus in on the fight to end poverty. We can approach change through a both charity and empowerment lens, and his discussion takes the listener through both approaches, the pros and cons of each, and, ultimately, why M:STL chose to focus on empowerment. 

Katie, our VISTA Services Manager, leads you in a discussion about poverty in St. Louis. Her goal is to "break you down and build you back up". She goes through the city/county divide and what it means to have over 90 separate municipalities (don't worry, she won't list them all). St. Louis is one of only two cities in the U.S. that still has this kind of separation. Her powerful teaching will help you understand the impact this structure has on our beautiful city. 

Last but not least we have Chris, our Student Relations Coordinator, who can examine the impact of fatherlessness. What are the repercussions that come from growing up without a strong father figure or living in a house with a man who isn't capable of providing emotionally or financially for a child? He will share his firsthand experience.

So come join us for a week, weekend or afternoon. Join us with an open heart, and open mind and be ready to work! Together we have a lot to do and we can't wait to meet you and get started!