Is St. Louis easy to get to?

Yes. St. Louis is a large metropolitan city, the "Gateway to the West," served by all major modes of transportation, including Lambert International Airport, Greyhound, Amtrak and several major interstates and highways.

How will I get around during my service trip? 

Your group is responsible for transportation to and from St. Louis, to and from Mission: St. Louis offices, as well as to and from the work sites each day. 

Where is Mission: St. Louis in relation to the work site? 

Most projects are within walking distance from the Mission: St. Louis offices. When necessary, we will transport the supplies and everything that is needed for workday projects to the sites. 

AMPteachings & AMPhomes:

What will I learn during my trip?

Our AMP teachings are based on the principles of the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA), focusing on the value of empowerment and relationships. These teachings will challenge your group/students to begin thinking differently about serving those around you. Each lesson is taught by an experienced staff member and promises to be interactive, fun and engaging. 

What are some of the teaching topics?

Teaching topics include the following: 

  • Empowerment vs. Charity

  • Poverty in St. Louis

  • Cultural Humility vs. Cultural Competency

  • The History of Mission: St. Louis as told by our Executive Director, Josh Wilson

What will I do during my service trip?

In addition to the AMP teachings, you will be working in partnership with other organizations in our neighborhood to complete minor home repairs, landscaping projects, and other efforts to serve our community.

Are there scheduled reflection or devotional times? 

While we have not set aside a specific time, we do encourage volunteers to utilize breaks and down time for devotion, study and reflection about your experience. 

Who will I be doing the home repair for?

Home repair projects are typically for residents who live within our neighborhood of focus in North St. Louis. You may be working with individuals who differ from you which we believe is a great benefit to both you and residents. As such, you will have the opportunity to learn from residents and break down stereotypes. Above all, we must respect all people and treat them with dignity and care.  

Will the activities fit my skill level?

Yes. Each group is asked to complete a skill level list prior to their arrival indicating beginner, intermediate, advanced or professional skills. Please be honest in this assessment so that we are sure to match you with appropriate projects. 


Where will I sleep?

For an additional charge, housing can be provided. Depending on the size of your group, the location may vary. 


What do I do in the evenings?

Staff will provide ideas and information to group leaders on evening activities for your students/group. In addition, Friday can be designed to be a half day to allow your group time to explore St. Louis. 

How many adults/chaperones does a group need?

We ask you to have one adult per every [5] students under the age of 18. if this is not possible, please discuss your situation with us in detail to see if we can make it work. 

What should I bring?

  • Please bring sunscreen and other sun protection as needed.

  • Please bring personal water canister (Camelbak, Nalgene bottle, canteen or favorite mug).

  • Snack food. Although we can provide meals, additional snacks may be necessary to keep you from feeling famished.

  • Appropriate clothes. Be prepared to get paint, slime, dirt and other fun grime on you and your clothes. But go ahead and bring your fancy duds if you plan to cut a rug after work.

  • Feel free to bring portable music devices to use while you work.

Mission STL & What To Do in the Lou:

What is Mission: St. Louis? 

Mission: St. Louis empowers people to transform their lives, families and neighborhoods. We are unique in our approach driven by relationship and opportunity. By learning the needs of the community, we created culturally-relevant programs that empower people to be change agents in their families and neighborhoods. We do this through three core initiatives: Beyond School, Beyond Jobs and Beyond Charity. Since our start in Forest Park Southeast, our programs have grown to include other schools and neighborhoods. We strongly believe that long-lasting change is possible when we deeply value people and empower them to access opportunity. 

What is there to do in St. Louis? 

St. Louis is a fun city to visit. It has a myriad of social and cultural options. It is home to some of the nation's finest parks, museums, theaters and restaurants, not to mention the 2011 World Series champs, the St. Louis Cardinals. Some options include: 

  • St. Louis Art Museum

  • St. Louis Science Center

  • St. Louis Gateway Arch

  • Busch Stadium (St. Louis Cardinals)

  • Scottrade Center (St. Louis Blues)

  • The City Garden

  • St. Louis Zoo

  • City Museum

  • Six Flags of St. Louis

  • Missouri Botanical Gardens

  • Grants Farm

  • Magic House

  • Butterfly House

  • Tour St. Louis on a Trolley

  • Forest Park

  • Contemporary Art Museum

  • Missouri History Museum

  • The Delmar Loop

  • Downtown St. Louis

  • Soulard

  • Central West End