Exclusive Concert with Json



Json is a Christian rapper and a part of the original 116 clique alongside Lecrae, Tedashii, Trip-Lee Sho-Baraka and others. Before working with Mission: St. Louis, Json spent the last 8 years of his life traveling the world promoting Christ through his music. Json has released 7 albums that have features alongside Flame, Thi'sl, Lecrae and many more. Json continues to tour and travel while leading the Beyond Jobs programming at Mission: St. Louis. 

For an additional $500 Json will provide a intimate concert for your group at our building along with a discussion around inner city work. 

For an additional $1000 (plus travel) Json will do a concert at your church home which would allow you to invite as many people as you would like. Json would also provide re-cap of the time your group spent with us as well as a discussion centered around inner city work.